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GFIT Growth Factor Induced Therapy

NewA true breakthrough in anti-ageing technology

Erase signs of ageing & environmental damage with Growth Factor Induced Therapy (GFIT). This revolutionary & natural approach can dramatically improve the appearance of ageing & damaged skin.

GFIT Growth Factor Induced TherapyUsing growth factors found naturally in the skin GFIT enables your skin cells to repair themselves back to a younger state…dramatically improving the appearance of ageing skin in less than a week.

Using AQ recovery serum a highly concentrated formula that transforms skin cells to a younger state and fortifies the skins ability to repair DNA damage that is causing the signs of ageing.

During treatment an AQ Dermastamp is passed over the skin enabling the serum to penetrate and actively encourage regeneration and repair.

What do growth factors do?

The skin naturally contains growth factors that repair damage & keep our skin looking youthful. Unfortunately these growth factors become less efficient over time & the visible signs of damage & ageing become permanent.

AQ growth factor serum is a highly concentrated formula that helps return your skin cells to a younger state, strengthening the skins own ability to repair the DNA damage that causes signs of ageing. It stimulates collagen production, healthy circulation, antioxidant activity, & cellular renewal. With regular use, fine lines & wrinkles will be diminished & skin will look & feel softer, plumper & firmer.

GFIT Growth Factor Induced TherapyAQ Growth factor was created & patented by Dr Ahmed Al Qahtani. It is the byproduct of incredible innovation discovered through his extensive research work in medical applications of growth factors for healing wounded tissue & creating artificial skin grafts. He applied his knowledge in growth factor technology to develop a growth factor medium which is effective in rejuvenating & repairing the skin to reduce the signs of ageing as well as treating acne.

What happens during a treatment?

The growth factor serum is applied then your therapist will pass an AQ Dermastamp over your face, pressing gently onto the skin to ensure the serum penetrates through the skin activating the cells to encourage regeneration & repair. You should experience minimal discomfort.

How will I look after my treatment?

Some clients may experience redness, which will start to fade after a couple of hours. Clients should not wash their face or apply make-up for 12 hours after the treatment so the rejuvenation process has time to work.

Benefits of Growth factor induced therapy (GFIT)

  • Repairs signs of ageing & damaged skin
  • Helps create younger looking skin
  • Calms inflammation & irritation
  • Treats acne
  • No down-time, very little discomfort
  • No increased sun sensitivity
  • No skin test required

When will I notice a difference?

Results usually start to appear 7 days post treatment & the full effect will be noticed in 2-3 weeks.

We strongly recommend that you combine GFIT with the AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum to use at home to help enhance & encourage longerlasting results.

AQ Growth Factor Induced Therapy

(Eye contour area) 30 mins £150.00

AQ Growth Factor Induced Therapy

(Full face) 45 mins £270.00

Best results will be achieved with 3-6 treatments. Course prices available on request.

Acne Patient - 6 Weeks Later

Acne Patient – 6 Weeks Later