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Facial Blemishes and Skin Tags

Small areas of Seboreahic Keratosis, Warts & Skin Tags can all be removed by a method called Diathermy.

Skin Tags

Skin Tags are harmless, wobbly, flesh coloured or brown growths that project from the surrounding skin. Varying in size from a pin head to half the size of a pea, they are extremely common & usually found on the neck, eyelids & under the breasts.

NewSeboreahic Keratosis

Usually starts as small, flat, rough bumps. These slowly thicken & get a warty surface. They range in colour from white to black but most are tan or brown. They are commonly found on the face, chest, & breast areas.

How do we remove them?

Facial Blemishes and Skin TagsBy using heat to cauterise the unwanted blemish.

15 mins 1-2 blemishes £40.00
30 mins Approx 10 blemishes £75.00
45 mins More than 10 blemishes £83.00

Spider Nevi (red dots)

Red dots that appear commonly on the face & chest area can be safely & quickly treated with our CUTERA Laser.
Cost from £54.75

Whitehead (Milia) Removal

These unwanted hard white spots, commonly found on the face can be safely removed by gently lancing.
Cost from £18.00